Be sure to ask yourself these critical questions before bringing a new member into your family.


Puppies AND adult dogs are both time and labor intensive.  Each individual dog is different – even within the breed.  Time spent socializing and training to set your puppy up for success EARLY ON can determine the outcome of the adult dog and will pay you back for years to come.

Don't forget to count in the time you will need for potty training a young puppy or an older dog (that is not yet potty trained).  Having someone available throughout the day is a must - the process requires both time and patience.  Considering all of this beforehand will make or break your success.


Many people get caught up in the "cuteness".  Those irrisistible eyes, cuddly bodies and sweet kisses can often lead to an impulse buy. Doing some serious research prior to starting to look for a puppy or dog is critical to your success. Consider breed traits, size, energy level, temperament and history, then compare ALL of that to your own lifestyle, experience and abilities.  For example, if you are someone who prefers to relax on the couch in your spare time, an Australian Shepherd would not be the best breed choice for you.  To find out what breed IS right for you, the American Kennel Club website is an excellent reference that can help you with your selection. Please note: There are some breeds that are not recommended for first time dog owners.

Even if you are adopting, breed traits are important to consider.  Although there are variations in apptitude, drive, and temperament in each individual dog (even between littermates) there is no taking the herding instinct out of the herding dog, and so on...  If you do adopt, it is helpful to find out the history on the dog.  Also, a reputable rescue organizaton can be a big help.  Many rescues foster dogs in homes so that they KNOW what the dog is capapble of - and if there should be limiitations (such as "dog is better in a home with adults" or "no cats", etc.)

Answering these questions honestly IN ADVANCE of taking the dog home or making a commitment will help you avoid an impulse decision.  Making a commitment to the wrong dog can result in heartache for both the human and canine counterparts.  Being  proactive and planning ahead will set EVERYONE up for success! 



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Earning a 


           (or  CGC) is a great way to begin working toward your goal                   of starting a new career in therapy work. 

A few of the components necessary to pass a CGC test include "reaction to another dog", "accepting a friendly stranger", and "reaction to a distraction". Congratulations to Team Chandler (the Standard Poodle) with his handler Marsha, and Team Tuff (the Pomeranian) with his handler Dorann for passing their test with flying colors!  Also pictured here is ASH the Cattle Dog who loves to read with the children at the library!   Watch for our upcoming CGC Prep Course and also for our Therapy Dog Seminars.  YOu can find this information on our registration page!

TRAINING & SOCIALIZATION A MUST for a Well-Adjusted Dog of ANY Breed

When you see a dog that is comfortable and relaxed in a setting outside of its own home, you can bet the dog had the right start in life.  It’s no accident that a dog can be calm and content in different surroundings.  The dog you are observing has most likely had positive experiences with humans of all shape, age, size and color.  It has most likely had positive, non-threatening experiences with other canines.  Chances are it was exposed gradually to new sounds, smells, movements, objects and surroundings of all kinds.  In other words, it has been properly socialized.  You can bet that dog has also had some good training.

It takes time, patience, work and dedication to make a nice dog.  Just as we would never expect our children to raise themselves, we cannot expect that from our dogs.  We urge you to invest the time and effort into training and properly socialization for your canine friend.  It will earn you a lifelong companion you can trust to be the best friend you and your family will ever have. 


Dogs are living, breathing, thinking animals.  They are not ornaments that can be stowed away in a closet somewhere. They are social animals and must be a part of your family.  Dogs are our most loving and honest companions.  If you cannot commit yourself to providing 100% of your loyalty to a being who gives back nothing less…. please, place him with someone who will.                               Tony Ancheta – Koehler Dog Training


Interested in helping your dog become a viable member of the community? 


 There are many different types of work your dog can do to help others.   Some dogs visit libraries so that children may read to them.  Others visit hospitals, convalescent hospitals, veteran homes, and the list goes on. The first step toward doing therapy work is to own a well-mannered dog. Although there are presently no visitations being held, we WILL get through the Coronavirus crisis --- so why not consider starting your training now?    Your dog will be that much closer to being able to bring joy to others!   

In the words of trainer Dany Canino, "You can take a trained dog anywhere and it will be relaxed and comfortable..."   Read about how our training has helped students create lifelong partnerships with their canine companions...

Our novice training course will teach your dog to stay when told, come when called, and walk politely on or off leash in just 10 weeks!  .


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We offer group classes, private lessons, advanced classes, puppy lessons, in-home training,  CGC’s and “Tune-ups”.  Our training classes are held in  Simi Valley.  

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​​​​“Reliability off lead should always be the most significant criterion when evaluating and comparing training methods.” (William Koehler 1990)​.