Dogs are living, breathing, thinking animals.  They are not ornaments that can be stowed away in a closet somewhere. They are social animals and must be a part of your family.  Dogs are our most loving and honest companions.  If you cannot commit yourself to providing 100% of your loyalty to a being who gives back nothing less…. please, place him with someone who will.   Tony Ancheta – Koehler Dog Training

​We encourage you to read and contemplate this poem.

Giving Back

Would you like your dog to be a part of the community?  You might consider doing therapy work. 

There are many different types of work your dog can do to help others.  Some dogs visit libraries so that children may read to them.  Others visit hospitals, convalescent hospitals, veteran homes, and the list goes on.  The first step is to own a well-mannered dog.  A Canine Good Citizen test is a good start to a career in therapy work.




Training & Socialization

When you see a dog that is comfortable and relaxed in a setting outside of its own home, you can bet the dog had the right start in life.  It’s no accident that a dog can be calm and content in different surroundings.  The dog you are observing has most likely had positive experiences with humans of all shape, age, size and color.  It has most likely had positive, non-threatening experiences with other canines.  Chances are it was exposed gradually to new sounds, smells, movements, objects and surroundings of all kinds.  In other words, it has been properly socialized.  You can bet that dog has also had some good training.

It takes time, patience, work and dedication to make a nice dog.  Just as we would never expect our children to raise themselves, we cannot expect that from our dogs.  We urge you to invest the time in training and proper socialization for your canine friend.  

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In the words of trainer Dany Canino, "You can take a trained dog anywhere and it will be relaxed and comfortable..."   Read about how our training has helped students create lifelong partnerships with their canine companions...

Our novice training course will teach your dog to stay when told, come when called, and walk politely on or off leash in just 10 weeks!  .


The time and effort you spend teaching, encouraging and rewarding good behavior will earn you a lifelong companion you can trust to be the best friend you and your family will ever have…

A few of the components necessary to pass a CGC test include "reaction to another dog", "accepting a friendly stranger", and "reaction to a distraction". Congratulations to Team Clark (the Golden) and Randy, as well as Team Chandler (the Standard Poodle) for passing with flying colors!  

Please visit our memorial page to read about some of our beloved dogs...

Tips and Advice

We offer group classes, private lessons, advanced classes, puppy lessons, in-home training,  CGC’s and “Tune-ups”.  Our training classes are held in  Simi Valley.  

Don't Wait to Fix a A Problem

Whether you have a brand-new puppy in your home or an older dog – if you see a problem starting, don’t wait to fix it.  If your puppy or dog is chewing, barking at other dogs when you take him for a walk, nipping at your heels as you attempt to walk through your house, “teething” on your children, jumping on guests, or worse ----------- if your dog has been attacked by an off-leash dog ----------- please don’t wait to address the issue.  None of these issues will resolve themselves on their own.  “Waiting” only gives your dog additional chances to habituate the behavior and cause it to become more deeply rooted. 

More and more frequently we have been getting calls about dogs that have been attacked by an off-leash dog.  This can cause PTSD for your dog and also take the relaxation out of future walks for you.   If this has happened to your dog, it is critical that you address this issue before it becomes a problem. The last thing you want is a dog that goes on the defensive (barking, pulling, and lunging) every time it sees another dog.  Please don’t wait to help your dog recover from a negative experience such as a dog attack.  Even if it does not appear to be a problem immediately after the event, it is critical that you take action to make him feel comfortable around other dogs again.

The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to fix any of the issues your dog is having.  There is hope, but if the problem has been occurring for a long time please be aware that it will take more patience, time and consistency on your part to get it resolved.  

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    WHY US?

​​​​“Reliability off lead should always be the most significant criterion when evaluating and comparing training methods.” (Bill Koehler 1990)​.

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In Memoriam

It is with heavy hearts that we tell you our mentor and friend, Dany Canino passed away on January 11, 2020. She was a great trainer and breeder. Dany spent the last of her working life judging at dog shows and teaching obedience classes.

Jennifer and I worked with her for many years before she retired in 2011. She taught us so much, and we will be forever grateful that she set us on this path to helping all of you with your dog training plans.

We are sure she will be looking down on us and sharing a laugh as we deal with our comical puppy clients.

Rest in Peace dear friend... 


Cindy and Jennifer