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Frank and I lost our dear boy, Jack, on February 22nd, 2022.   He would have been 14 on April 1st and we are incredibly grateful for the long life he lived with us.  This gentle, stoic, and handsome boy brought us many years of devotion, loyalty, and true happiness. 

Jack was a friend to all.  From small children to adults both young and old, he was quick to make everyone feel relaxed.  He loved to visit folks in convalescent homes, including his beloved trainer Dany Canino, who always called him “Jackson Browne”.  Jack made kids of all ages feel safe as he welcomed their pets and scratches.  He loved to lean on everyone, and if you sat on the ground, he would turn into an 80-pound lap dog every time. 

Jack loved going to the ranch and running around to explore and hang out with the pack.  He would greet everyone, investigate and discover everything new, lay outside of the arena waiting patiently for us to be finished riding, then come and rest under the covered patio.  Ahhh… what a great time he always had at the ranch. 

When Jack’s long-time friend “Shadow” passed away, he chose “Reggie” to be his new brother.  He taught Reggie the ropes – how to play nicely, how to chase the “feetie” toy, how to walk politely on a leash, how to lay down quietly and relax, how to take food gently, and even how to get in and out of the pond! He was the best role model any little brother could have ever asked for.  He was our rock-solid dog who would never react to any other dog that was out of line.  He would simply look away and ignore their antics.  He was trustworthy beyond expectation.

Jack lived to take his walks.  On his final day, he was animated and happy when I took out his leash.  We had a lovely stroll in the morning, and then it was time for his final nap.

It is empty under our dining room table now, but we are so lucky to have had Jack in our lives for nearly 14 years.  This big, red dog who brought comfort and joy to everyone he met will be sorely missed by all, but will forever hold a huge piece of our hearts. 

RIP sweet boy…

“Jack on the Rocks”      
2008 – 2022   

Written by Jennifer de la Torre