The Gunslinger vom Winthaus, CD, CGC

Oct 2008 to Sept 2014

Gunner will be missed by so many people, besides my husband and I.   From the first day I brought him home, I took him everywhere I could. He grew up on the ranch where I board my horses, and so met many people and animals thru the years we had him. I was very difficult to lose him at such an early age, less than 6 years old.

Each dog leaves a hole in your heart, and my Gun dog left a really big one. He was a big goof ball and a sweetheart. We continue to miss and think of him often. Some day I hope to meet up with him and all the other dogs I have had the pleasure of loving in this life.

Cindy Brevik

Shadow was the first dog I had ever trained in the Koehler method, and was without a "shadow" of a doubt, the most reliable dog I had ever owned.  Shadow was both loyal and trustworthy: a stately gentleman.  He is the reason I have this business today.  It was through Shadow that I learned what a pleasure it is to live with a well-trained dog. And it was Shadow's incredible work ethic that taught me not only how much dogs love to use their incredible brains, but  also how they crave  mental stimulation.  

Shadow was ten years old when the AKC admitted mixed breeds into the obedience ring.  He earned his CD in three shows.

Shadow passed away in 2013, one year after Cindy and I started our business.  To this day I miss Walkin' My Shadow.  He is a dog who gave me many fond memories  - all of which will be with me for a lifetime... 

Jennifer de la Torre

I was lucky enough to be able to work with our neighbor's puppy Bella when she was only eight months old. A beautiful young girl, Bella was super sweet and quick to learn.  We would work on our class exercises together and she would come home to take a swim in the family pool (her favorite thing to do.)    When I would come by to pick her up for training, Bella was always waiting patiently at the gate to greet me.  What a  joyful sight it always was.  

Bella moved to Colorado with her family last year. I was sad to see her (and her family) go, but I knew she was having a grand time romping in the snow and playing in the ponds. 

Just last month I learned that Bella had suddenly taken ill.  At only four years old it was discovered that she had a cancerous tumor on her kidney. She did not make it off of the operating table; a terribly sad loss for her family, and her canine sister Sadie. 

We will all miss Bella's exuberance, spunk, that wiggling rear end and most of all, her kind eyes and beautiful her sweet face. 

Gone too young...  RIP Bella 

Jen dlT

Lux was my heart dog  and my best friend.  She loved to play hard and compete in agility and nose work.  She also loved to swim and play with and eat lemons.  Lux thought she was a lap dog and loved having her belly rubbed.  

Lux was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on March 11, 2018 she had limb sparing surgery, chemo and radiation but lost her battle on July 11, 2018.  She is now part of the new documentary- My Friend: Standing Strong, a full-length feature on canine osteosarcoma, that will will be out  October 2018.  CLEAR (CLEAR is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of canine cancer)

Sky Ranch’s Lady Lux Zelden of Bally Vaughan is truly missed...                        (CGC, RN, SWN, TKA, DDN)   

Robyn Z.  September 2018

In Memoriam
It is with heavy hearts that we tell you our mentor and friend, Dany Canino passed away on January 11, 2020. She was a great trainer and breeder. Dany spent the last of her working life judging at dog shows and teaching obedience classes. 

Jennifer and I worked with Dany for many years before she retired in 2011. She taught us so much, and we will be forever grateful that she set us on this path to helping all of you with your dog training plans.

We are sure she will be looking down on us and sharing a laugh as we deal with our comical puppy clients.

Rest in Peace dear friend... 
Cindy and Jennifer

Memorial Page 1

My sweet Harley was my first lab and my first therapy dog.  When I first found out about therapy dogs Harley was 3 years old. I knew Harley could do this.  He had the right temperament.  I heard about Time4 Obedience and we started classes.

Jen and Cindy called him "Tank." He was a therapy dog for 8 years. I was so proud of him. I had to say good-bye and see you later on October 7, 2021. I miss you and you will always be in my heart. ❤]


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