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Maverick is enjoying Lesson ONE of his 


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In order to continue to serve our human and canine clients, both group and private lessons are being conducted in an outdoor setting.                                                                                                            

We are no longer masking, but we still maintain a safe distance when teaching.

If you are not comfortable with (or not able to participate in) a live training session, we are offering the first half of our novice course remotely. 

Please contact us for details.  

As always, we are available by phone or email in the event that you need help with a specific issue you are having with your dog.

Due to the high demand for  the training, we may take a bit longer than normal to respond to your e-mails and and and phone calls.    

Please Please don't give up!  If you do not hear from us within a week, kindly help us out by giving us a call or an email reminder.  

All private lessons are booking approximately two weeks out.  We appreciate your patience! 

Most Sincerely, 

Jennifer and Cindy

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