​You are enrolling in a training program offered by Time 4 Obedience. We strive to provide safe instruction in the fundamentals of dog training in both group and private settings. In order to do this, we require you to agree to the following contract. By agreeing to this contract, you are releasing valuable and important rights, therefore it is critical that you read and understand the terms of this contract. By agreeing to this contract, you are stating that you understand its terms and agree thereto. Each participant who engages in dog training assumes both risk and legal responsibility for injury, loss or damage to person or property resulting from dog training.

I, the undersigned client, COMPLETLEY understand that the handling of dogs can be a hazardous activity and can result in injury or death to handlers and dogs as a result of (but not limited to) the following causes: persons who cannot control their dogs, dog attacks, dog bites, infectious disease associated with dog bites, being knocked down, tripping, falling, slipping, equipment failure, negligence of another student, owner or handler, and any active or passive actions or recommendations made by Time 4 Obedience and its trainers/ obedience instructors.

I understand that dog and human behavior can be unpredictable, and I understand that the risks associated with dog training are inherent and cannot be eliminated.

I agree and accept any and all risk and liability of ownership of my animal and agree that I am COMPLETELY and solely responsible for the behavior of my dog both now and in the future. I understand that I will be held responsible for any and all medical costs, property damages, personal injury or loss to any person and/or other dogs including but not limited to veterinary costs, infectious disease treatment, medical supplies, care, equipment, and or legal fees resulting from my behavior or the behavior of my dog. I also testify that my dog is up to date on all vaccinations.

I understand that if my dog becomes ill, has an existing medical condition or develops a new medical condition, Time 4 Obedience will require clearance from my veterinarian prior to training or exposure to other dogs.

I understand that should my dog demonstrate aggressive behavior toward a person or another dog, the Time 4 Obedience trainers/instructors reserve the right to ask me to leave the premises. I also understand that should my dog behave in an aggressive manner and/or if I choose not to heed safety recommendations, advice and/or instructions given by the trainer/obedience instructor, I may be permanently dismissed from the program. Should I be permanently dismissed from the program, I understand that there will be no refund of any training fees.

I understand that I am completely responsible for my minor children and that no minor is to be left unattended on the premises at any time.

I recognize that the role I play in my dog's learning process is integral to achieving the desired results from this training. I acknowledge that Time 4 Obedience and its trainers/obedience instructors cannot guarantee that my dog will achieve the desired level of training despite the best efforts of instruction. I understand that the trainers/obedience instructors cannot guarantee each individual dog's and handler's ability to learn and/or understand the training methods. I also understand that not all dogs can be desensitized to fear or aggression triggers.

I waive my right to bring or maintain a lawsuit designed to collect monetary damages on account of any injury, damage or claims related to this training or for any expenses that may be the result of an accident whether occurring to me, my children and family members, my guests, my animals, and or any other persons or animals that I am associated with.

By voluntarily agreeing to this contract, I release and hold harmless Time 4 Obedience, its trainers, instructors, volunteers, guests, and affiliates from any and all claims of liability for loss or injury which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing, or by the act of any dog, person or thing in and around the training area.

I hereby declare that I am of legal age and competent to agree to this contract. I agree to accept any and all risk and responsibility associated with dog training and I am voluntarily participating in this training with full knowledge of the potential dangers involved.
This agreement is governed by California law and any disputes shall be resolved in Simi Valley, California.


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Training Registration & Release of Liability

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