Private Lessons

We offer both in-home and on-site private lessons. We look forward to working with you and your dog and helping you meet your training goals be they competition obedience, therapy work, Canine Good Citizen certification, Companion Dog certification, advanced work, or simply owning a dog that won’t drag you down the street on a walk or jump on your guests.  

In-Home and Family Consultations
Thinking of getting a new dog but not sure what breed you want or how to get started?


Having trouble getting the kids to comply with the new "dog" rules? 

Not sure how to configure your household to maximize your training?

We can help!  We offer in-home consultations which will help you set your dog up for success from the very beginning.


If you are experiencing difficulty with your dog, an evaluation can be helpful before you come into a class. There are times when we may determine it better to start with a few private lessons to give both you and your dog a jump start before coming into a class. 

basic obedience training for dogs  

Novice Obedience Courses

Time 4 Obedience offers a ten-week NOVICE OBEDIENCE COURSE which teaches you to train your dog how to heel off leash in just ten weeks.  Our Novice Course is a group course taught in a park with mild to moderate distractions adjacent to the training area.  Your dog will learn to work and obey around different sights, sounds, smells, movements as well as other class dogs and handlers. Please check our Registration tab for class dates, times and locations.

Advanced Training Courses

Several times a year we offer advanced courses for those students who would like to move forward with their training.  These courses are open to students who have completed our novice course.  Both Advanced Novice and Open Obedience add new skills to your dog’s training base and further improve your handling techniques.  More importantly, advanced training further strengthens the bond you have built with your dog.   Additionally, it instills confidence and impulse control as you stimulate your dog’s intellectual abilities.

Advanced Novice Training

We offer an 8-week Advanced Novice course which focuses on polishing up heeling and handling, adds a drop on recall to your regime, and makes your sit and down stays even more solid by using heavier distractions.  This includes teaching your dog to hold their stays while you are out of sight.  

Open Obedience Training

Open training can be a fun and stimulating course for both you and your dog.  This 12-week course teaches everything our Advanced Novice course teaches, but adds jumping and retrieving.  This course is designed for those who are looking for a bigger challenge with their dogs,  would like to compete in the show ring, or simply want to have deeper bond with their canine companion.


Our graduates always enjoy our Tune-ups.  They never know what we'll throw into the mix, be practicing recalls with dogs on one side and ducks on the other or a game of tic tack toe with sits and downs instead of X's and O's! It's a great way to work around new and different distractions.  Plus, we love spending time with our former AND current students!  

Puppy Privates
Have a new puppy?  We can help you get started down the right path starting from the time your puppy becomes a part of the family.  We teach you how to encourage the behaviors you want from your puppy from the very beginning.  This is critical for you as a dog owner as we firmly believeit is always easier to “train it right” from the beginning than it is to manage bad habits which have already become established.

Canine Good Citizen Testing
A Canine Good Citizen Certification is an American Kennel Club sanctioned test that is designed to promote responsible dog ownership.  The CGC is a series of ten tests including accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, appearance and grooming, walking on a loose lead, walking through a crowd, sit and down on command along with staying in one place, come when called, reaction to another dog, reaction to distraction, and supervised separation.  The entire test is done on leash.  For further information, please visit the AKC website at

Once a month we invite all students who have completed our training to “tune-up” their skills. We meet at different parks or locations each time.  These practices are always different.  In the past we have played games, introduced “Rally” moves, and taught our dogs to jump.  We always  incorporate class exercises with the built-in distraction of working around new dogs in a different environment. It’s a fun way to work with your dog and meet other students and dogs who have trained with us in the past.

We look forward to helping you meet your training goals be they competition obedience, therapy work, Canine Good Citizen certification, Companion Dog certification, advanced work, or simply owning a dog that won’t drag you down the street on a walk or jump on your guests.  Take a look at what we offer at Time 4 Obedience!


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