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STACI and DAISY 2015

I never missed a day of training, rain or shine, and Daisy came a long way with people.  She was very fearful and would growl if people approached.  When you guys said that one test would be to have someone touch her in a Stand - Stay, Kayla and I looked at each other and said, “That is not happening!”  But it lit a fire in me and I was determined to get her to let people touch her.  Once she got the stay command and trusted me, she would stay but was still reluctant to be touched.  That is the only way my husband could touch her (She especially doesn't like men).  Each day she improved.  When she was rescued from the shelter, she had been clearly abused.  She turned out to be a very loving and obedient dog who has found her forever home!  The adopter calls her her velcro dog.  Many people comment to her about how well behaved and obedient she is while on walks.  The adopter chuckles and says, “I know!  She came this way!"


Just wanted to send out a shout out about the best dog trainers around. The company name is Time 4 Obedience. The young women who own and work the business are Cindy Brevik & Jennifer de la Torre.
They do this for the love of dogs (your dogs) with love and caring.  They  work one on one showing you how and what you need to do to have the best dog possible. But, you have to put in the time and practice . I was amazed from week to week as to what our dogs were able to do. Ten weeks later you wouldn't know they were the same dogs we started with. They do CGC's and will do private lessons at your place or a mutual site; well worth the fee. I hope you love them as much as Kai and I did.     Thank you!   Ellen

Heartfelt congratulations go out to Keri and Ash for earning their Companion Dog title along with a first place win in the obedience ring!  December 2017

JIM  and HOPE 2017

One of our biggest delights is meeting so many wonderful people and dogs through our training program. We truly enjoy seeing bonds that are created between  owners and their beloved companions...   

Cindy and Jennifer

ELLEN and KAI 2017


I can’t thank you enough for helping train Biscuit!  The course was fantastic, full of insightful and experienced advice that made the training very easy to understand and relate to the normal day to day life with a dog.  It was amazing to see Biscuit transform from a very anxious, excited puppy to a puppy with far more restraint, patience and control.  Going through the course with Biscuit really strengthened the bond between he and I was well.  I recall at the beginning of the course you guys saying “if you do the work, it will pay off” and you were right!  Thank you so much!


Crystal the Malinois is doing terrific. All the nurses at Kaiser Woodland Hills adore her and she's a hit with the patients. But best of all, the training did wonders for her personality. Your program gave her a great start and she not only blossomed into a confident therapy dog, but also became so much calmer.  Thank you!


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​​Congratulations to Keri and Ash for becoming a therapy team this summer.     They are now giving back to the community together as they regularly visit convalescent homes and libraries where kids can read to Ash.   Ash is a perfect example of a dog who has blossomed into  a social butterfly through Keri's diligence and hard work with her training.     We are SO proud of them!

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